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SAP BW Rollen & Berechtigungen
SAP BW Roles & Authorizations

A role and authorization concept is crucial for data security, integrity, efficiency and scalability in corporate data management. Our blog describes the technical steps for developing such a concept in SAP Business Warehouse.

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Integration von SAP Daten in Microsoft Fabric
Integration of SAP Data in Microsoft Fabric

Die performante Datenintegration aus verschiedensten (Quell)-Systemen ermöglicht es Unternehmen, agil, effizient und konsistent zu arbeiten. Hierfür veranschaulicht unser Blog die Potenziale und technischen Möglichkeiten der Integration von SAP Daten in Microsoft Fabric.

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Erfahrungsbericht GeoEnrichment
Experience report GeoEnrichment

The GeoEnrichment blog describes the pitfalls of geo-enrichment, but at the same time shows the enormous potential. When deciding to enrich data, this blog can be used as an orientation guide.

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SAP DATA Intelligence: GEO-Enrichment per API
SAP DATA Intelligence: GEO-Enrichment through API

This blog explains how to use the OpenAPI client in an SAP Data Intelligence data flow. Information about a specific location (point of interest), e.g. geo-coordinates, opening hours, websites are to be obtained with the help of GoogleMaps. It is thus shown how data can be enriched with...

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Daten aus der SAC mit dem ODATA – Service in ein BW exportieren
Exporting data from the SAC to a BW using the ODATA service

For most users of a BW who want to enter SAC planning, the question will arise as to how data can be loaded from the BW into the SAC and plan data from the SAC into the BW. If the SAC introduction is not to take place with a big bang, data must be transferred between the old and the new solution...

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SAP Analytics Cloud: Story vs. Application
SAP Analytics Cloud: Story vs. Application

Decision support on when to use which solution. The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is SAP's strategic data analysis tool that combines business intelligence, dashboarding, visualisation, planning and predictive functionalities in one solution. To analyse or plan the data, SAP now offers two approaches...

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Planungscontent in der SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
Planning content in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Using the example of a story in the "integrated Financial Planning (4RC)" package One argument for planning in SAC that SAP likes to market as a great advantage is the planning content. This promises to be a template for the "classic" planning processes in most...

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Erstellung und Verwendung von Autoencodern mit der SAP PAL
Creation and use of autoencoders with SAP PAL

Data sets to be used in Machine Learning (ML) are usually unprocessed and immensely large in practice. Most ML algorithms require the input data in a specific form, which is provided by data preprocessing. Even then, however, the data model at hand is usually very complex...

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biX AI Tools – Fallbeispiel: Customer-Churn-Prevention
biX AI Tools - Case Study: Customer Churn Prevention

Customer-Churn is the termination of a contract by the customer. Predicting such events before they occur is of great interest in many business areas. Focusing countermeasures on relevant customers reduces the effort and prevents a sleeper effect with customers who are not at risk...

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biX AI Tools – Fallbeispiel: Warenkorbanalyse
biX AI Tools - Case study: Shopping cart analysis

Within the framework of a project in the area of payment services, we were given the task of examining the configurations of ATMs and POS systems for their similarities in order to make them comparable and to integrate them into the current SAP BW-based sales reporting. Since the complexity of...

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biX AI Tools – Fallbeispiel: Stammdatenoptimierung
biX AI Tools - Case study: Master data optimisation

biX Consulting examined the quality and distribution of master data for a provider of fuel and toll invoices. In the case described, 30,000 German number plates, which were directly available in SAP BW, were to be checked for quality, as they were entered manually...

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Wechsel von SAP IP auf SAC Planung
Change from SAP IP to SAC Planning

Mindchanges when switching from SAP IP to SAC Planning. If you change from the IP - Planning application to the SAC - Planning programme from SAP with your previous experience, you first have to get used to the following new philosophy...

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Webinar am 09.07.2020: Integration von SAP und Tableau
Webinar on 09.07.2020: Integration of SAP and Tableau

Live webinar on 09.07.2020 from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. Biopharmaceuticals are produced from living cells in complex and expensive processes. Sartorius AG's innovative products and services enable researchers and laboratory personnel in the pharmaceutical...

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predictive content – Fallbeispiel: customer-churn
Predictive Content - Case Study: Customer Churn

For a provider of fuel and toll invoices, biX Consulting created a customer churn analysis in which it was determined which customers would churn at what point in time. With the help of the biX A.I. tools, it was possible to recognise patterns in the historical movement and master data of the customers and to classifyn...

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