Analyses of purchasing behaviour in the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis has changed everything in a very short time - worldwide and indefinitely. What happens next in the post-Corona economy? Entrepreneurs and politicians who are in charge today have never experienced anything comparable. On the one hand, they face the great challenge of having to reduce costs. On the other hand, they also have to keep their eyes on the future - all this against the backdrop of customer relationships that are breaking away and declining turnover. Not an easy task, but we asked ourselves the following questions:

"Would it help if we could look into the future and reasonably reliably assess the further course and consequences?"

"How can we use past and current data to make a prediction?"

In our new brochure "Predictive analyses of business trends before and during the Corona crisis", we impressively show how we systematically use tools and data to make predictions about sales trends and developments in times of crisis.



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Oliver Ossenbrink

Management of sales and HR