Good planning is of operational and strategic importance in every company. It supports management decisions helps to reduce risks and costs and to make business processes more successful.

Understanding departments

Especially when defining complex planning processes, it is essential to understand the language of the departments and to be able to actively discuss them. biX Consulting sees itself as a business integrator who, with his highly qualified consultants, is able at any time to take on planning requirements, to detail and optimize them in dialogue with the department, without losing sight of the technical feasibility. This quickly gives you a concept that not only exceeds the requirements, but can also be implemented quickly and maintainably. If you wish, we will of course take care of the implementation too.

Tool selection

biX Consulting advises you on which SAP tool the right one is for your planning scenario. Whether operative planning directly in the S / 4 HANA system, globally harmonized planning processes across departments and system boundaries or the planning carried out locally by the department. We take up the requirements and mirror them against the SAP product portfolio to provide an optimal solution for you. Our Innovation Lab enables us to actively present the various SAP solutions live in the workshop and evaluate them together with you. That way, we can quickly find the right solution for your planning scenario.


In addition to the necessary tool knowledge and basic technical understanding of the planning processes to be implemented, long-term project experience and proven best practice approaches are the key to success. In addition to the quick and inexpensive implementation, our solutions are characterized by high performance and easy expandability. The latest technologies are also mastered by our planning experts and can flow directly into the solution to achieve an optimal result.

Planning in the world of SAP: You can find a discussion about different possibilities here.

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Sebastian Blötz

Head of Consulting