Automated management reporting


The manual evaluation of existing reports and analyses regarding anomalies, trends and the overall business development is becoming increasingly complex. Due to overlapping effects, certain consequences in development are only visible at a very high level of detail, which can lead to a disproportionately high effort in regular reporting.

The approach

By analysing the past data, automated corridors can be determined that reflect the normal course of business. As a result, the reporting system itself can automatically analyse the existing data and detect abnormalities, such as outliers or negative trends. The system then only detects these abnormalities, and the analysis can be limited to the relevant data points.

By using the biX AI Tools, the solution approach can be fully integrated into your SAP system.

Your benefit

Due to the concentration on abnormalities in the analysis of business development, a lot of time can be saved in the analysis itself. At the same time, automation can significantly increase the granularity of the analysed data. Hence, negative developments can be detected at an early stage and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated. This helps to save costs in the long term and opens up new potentials.


Frank Liebrand
Head of Sales