Customer Success Story


NEW AG, founded in 1998, is a municipal energy supplier with close roots in the Lower Rhine region. In addition to supplying customers with electricity and gas, other regional services are part of NEW, such as the operation of local public transport in Mönchengladbach and the operation of indoor and outdoor swimming pools. With almost 2,000 employees, NEW is a major employer in the region.

The Use Case

NEW AG introduced SAP BPC 10 Standard as a company-wide planning tool in 2014. The application was used intensively for forecasting and medium-term planning. This, but also in particular the unfavorable system design with a processing of the large amounts of data on the desktop devices of the users, led to bottlenecks in the processing speed. The switch to SAP's preferred planning tool, BPC Embedded, in combination with an SAP HANA database was therefore the obvious choice.

The Solution

The change from BPC Standard to BPC Embedded does not correspond to a migration in the usual sense, but rather places high demands on a re-design and a conceptual reconstruction of the planning solution. An important objective of the project at NEW AG was to completely implement the processes and functionalities from the old planning solution in BPC 10 Embedded.

Together with the department, the biX Consulting team defined new and changed requirements as well as targets for the changeover and developed a concept and a project plan for the realization. The implementation phase was successively supplemented by further services such as training and further adjustments in an agile process.

The Customer Benefit

The migration of the solution was quickly accepted by the users and provided a significant production boost. The performance increase of the report calls, the updating and storage of the planning data as well as the execution of the planning functions significantly improved user acceptance. In addition, the administrative effort was significantly reduced, which led to an increase in the speed of forecasting and medium-term planning. Finally, all complex and time-consuming calculations can be moved to the fast HANA database, which significantly reduces response times.

"BPC embedded represents a real improvement, which has significantly improved planner acceptance as well as the planning process itself."

– Ulrich Küppers, Datenmanagement und zentrales Berichtswesen  –


biX Value

Thanks to the expert team of biX Consulting, NEW AG was able to successfully introduce SAP BPC Embedded, so that the users now have access to a powerful and future-proof planning tool that is constantly being further developed by SAP.