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Hands On mit dem neuen Modell auf der SAP Analytics Cloud

Hands On with the new model on the SAP Analytics Cloud

In March, the Q2 2021 release added several new features to SAC. Among them is a way to make data modelling more flexible and effective. A new model is made available to the modeller, which can now also be used to create key figure models...

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Planungscontent in der SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Planning content in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Using the example of a story in the "integrated Financial Planning (4RC)" package One argument for planning in SAC that SAP likes to market as a great advantage is the planning content. This promises to be a template for the "classic" planning processes in most...

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Erstellung und Verwendung von Autoencodern mit der SAP PAL

Creation and use of autoencoders with SAP PAL

Data sets to be used in Machine Learning (ML) are usually unprocessed and immensely large in practice. Most ML algorithms require the input data in a specific form, which is provided by data preprocessing. Even then, however, the data model at hand is usually very complex...

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biX AI Tools – Fallbeispiel: Customer-Churn-Prevention

biX AI Tools - Case Study: Customer Churn Prevention

Customer-Churn is the termination of a contract by the customer. Predicting such events before they occur is of great interest in many business areas. Focusing countermeasures on relevant customers reduces the effort and prevents a sleeper effect with customers who are not at risk...

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